About IRD


The officers of this unit are responsible for the physical needs of the Department and attend to Personnel, Finance and General Office matters.

Refunds also falls under this unit and the officers of this subunit are responsible for processing and mailing refund cheques to taxpayers and maintaining accurate records as to the encashment of these cheques.

Another sub-unit which falls under the Administration Unit is the Mail Room which serves as a centralised unit for processing mail, and ensuring their proper distribution for appropriate action.


Customer Service

  • Taxpayer Assistance

This unit serves as the nerve-centre of the Department. It provides a one-stop enquiry service to taxpayers and other members of the public. Some of the services the unit provides are as follows:

    • Refunds enquiries
    • Arrears enquiries
    • Assessment/Return enquiries
    • Issuing remittance advices
  • Taxpayer Relations

Programmes are organised by this unit for educating and informing the public of its rights and responsibilities under the Tax Laws.

The major objective of the programmes handled by this unit is to promote a general awareness and understanding of tax and other related laws with a view to encouraging and facilitating maximum voluntary compliance. The staff of this unit are also expected to draw to the attention of management the areas where the services of the Department can be improved to ensure that a positive image is maintained at all times.

The Inland Revenue Department recognizes that taxpayers cannot comply with the law unless they know and understand what is expected of them.

The Department continually strives to make the process as clear and simple as possible to St. Lucians, whatever their backgrounds or needs. To this end the Department offers some services and a variety of publications that help St. Lucians in fill out their tax return and understand their responsibilities.

During the peak filing period that is the months January to March every year. Special effort is made by the Department to ensure that taxpayers meet this statutory obligation and establishes/implements the following:

    1. Help Desks at strategic locations in Castries and Vieux Fort 
    2. Enhanced Counter Service where staff assisting taxpayers directly in the preparation of their return, by guiding them through the tax return, line by line
    3. Discussion Forums to the private sector and various organisations 
    4. Departments Website which provides general information on Taxes 
    5. Automated Tax Return Individuals / Companies



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