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The purpose of the Data Processing Section is to assess taxpayers for all tax types in accordance with the relevant tax laws. Key Responsibilities entail:

  • Generating notices of assessments to inform taxpayers of their liability or refund 
  • Providing taxpayers with the relevant remittances and pertinent information 
  • Producing reminders and estimated assessments to non-filers for the relevant tax types 
  • Producing installment notices, installment reminders and estimated installments 
  • Creating files and registering related documents for all taxpayers on the database 
  • Storing all taxpayer files and related documents 
  • Processing and editing remittances received for the relevant tax types



The process of generating a notice of assessment involves four distinct activities - Coding & Editing, Correspondence, Capturing Remittance and Technical Review.



After Income Tax Returns have passed through the processing cycle they are placed in the custody of this sub-unit where they are filed. The staff of this sub-unit must ensure proper maintenance and storage of files, income tax returns and related documents. The officers also exercise strict control over the movement of tax returns and or related documents to and from the Filing Room.

Files and file information are created and recorded on SIGTAS. This facilitates the easy requesting and returning of files and the easy retrieval of file information on SIGTAS.


Tax Roll

This unit ensures that an accurate taxroll is maintained for ALL tax types. It is responsible for:

  • The processing of taxpayer registration forms.
  • Updating registration information as required on the database;
  • Generating property tax assessments to inform taxpayers of their liability;
  • Preparing the following tax rolls:
    1. Land tax roll
    2. Delinquent taxpayer roll
    3. Taxpayers relief roll


Library Services

The Library provides reference material on Tax Law, Tax Administration, Tax Policy and other relevant information.



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The purpose of the Systems Unit is to support the department's processes by managing and maintaining the computerized systems of the Department.  This unit continuously works towards maximizing use of the network while enhancing productivity and efficiency within the Department, through the recommendation and adaptation of new technologies and developments in computing.  Additionally, the unit collaborates with the other OECS member states in the replication and support of SIGTAS throughout the sub-region.

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Some of these roles include the maintenance of a fully computerized tax system Standardized Integrated Government Tax Administration System (SIGTAS). The unit also trains users on the use of the network, SIGTAS system and other programs; while providing general support to users of the network; maintaining all used in the Department

SIGTAS is a fully networked system running on a modern database and network operating system.  The system was developed using Oracle as the relational database management system (RDBMS), one of the most powerful RDBMS programs available today.  The system runs on Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 file server, with Microsoft Windows 95, 98 & NT Clients on the workstations. 

SIGTAS has the following features:

(a) An automated tax-roll with unique taxpayer numbers;

(b) An integrated view of taxpayers liabilities;

(c) An automatic reminder to taxpayers that there is tax to pay by producing automated remittance forms;

(d) Monitoring of non-filers and delinquent taxpayers;

(e) Automated calculation of penalties and interest;

(f)   Management of payment agreements;

(g) Automated management of the audit and collection cases.


  • Key Responsibility           

Creating new user accounts for staff with relevant security access to the network and SIGTAS;




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