Property tax clearances are provided for any transactions having to do with properties, including mortgages, purchases and the sale of properties, transfer of ownership, etc.


When seeking a property tax certificate of compliance, it is mandatory that you provide a recent copy of the land register. The copy of the land register should not have been issued for more than three (3) months prior by the land registry if one is executing:

  • A sale
  • A donation
  • A transfer of land
  • Mortgage
  • Or any other transaction relative to the property


When applying for a Property Tax Clearance, the following conditions must be met:

  • It is required that a valid National ID card, Driver’s License or Passport be presented to confirm your identity.
  • Applicants requesting this certificate for mortgage/hypothec purposes or for the sale of property are to walk with a copy of their Land Register(s), Deed(s) of Sale and any other document(s) of title.
  • Applicants only purchasing property are not required to walk with a Land Register.
  • Applicants refinancing mortgages or selling property should have no property tax payments outstanding


A Clearance Certificate takes a minimum of 48 hours to process and is valid for six (6) months on a particular transaction.

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