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Do not fall for scams! The IRD does not use unsolicited e-mail, text messages or any social media to discuss your personal tax issues.


 Get Prepared    E-Filing  


  • CHECK LIST For the complete listing of required documents, go through our Check List.
  • RETURN FORMS PICK-UP You can pick-up a Return Form at any of our locations. Click above to view the various locations.
  • TAXPAYER NUMBER Find out how you can identify your Tax Identification Number.
  • RECORD-KEEPING Self-employed persons, get some basic information regarding your record-keeping for inclusion in your tax returns


  • GET STARTED Now you can file your Tax Returns online! Simply click above to go to our E-Filing website to: first, get registered; then, fill-out the Tax Return Form and submit ONLINE
  • E-REGISTRATION GUIDELINES Read this quick guide to registering as an e-user at the E-Filing website.



 Preparing Your Returns    Printable Forms & Publications


  • INTERACTIVE RETURN FORMS In order to use the interactive return forms you must right-click and save to a folder, then open directly from that folder.
  • THE TAX RETURN HANDBOOK  View and go through our Allowances & Deductions publication for a step-by-step run through on filling out your Tax Return Form.




 Friendly Tax Tips     After Filing  


  • The Tax Return must be submitted no later than March 31
  • To avoid interest and penalties you are to pay any tax owed by March 31
  • Your Name and Tax Account Number (TAN) and/or NIC Number must be clearly stated on all attachments to the return
  • You may make a copy of your Return Form for your own records
  • Your business records must be retained for up to six (6) years after the Income Year to which it pertains
  • Permission must be sought from the IRD should you wish to destroy such records


  • REFUNDS & ASSESSMENTS Your refund status, your Tax Return assessment and any amendments to your tax returns
  • SETTLE YOUR ARREARS Do you owe? Click above for some basic information on settling any arrears
  • GET IN TOUCH WITH US In order to check on your refunds, assessments or to settle your arrears, do not hesistate to contact the Department. 



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