Electronic (E-Filing) Platform Use

As a client of Inland Revenue Department you may have legal obligations to provide information to us. You can provide us with certain information through:

By registering and activating an e-services account, you as the owner, and Inland Revenue as the provider, agree to correspond with each other electronically through your e-services account.

You may send us documents using the e-services secure platform.

We are not obliged to accept information by any other means of electronic communication unless specifically agreed with you. We also cannot correspond with you on individual tax matters through our websites or social media pages. However, we may answer general tax related queries from time to time.

Unless we state otherwise, if you have provided your email address or mobile phone number to us, we may use these to send you:

If you have a third party service provider, they may provide you with reminders or notifications. Inland Revenue is not responsible for communications from third party providers.