The Amnesty Is Still Available!

For ALL Taxes owed, the 100% waiver on interest, penalties and collection fees is still available. So take advantage today!
Learn more by reading the flyer and visiting our Amnesty page.

Commercial Property Owners, You're Notified

IRD officers will be visiting commercial property sites island-wide in order to gather some very important data.
Learn more about commercial property taxation by clicking below

Be Aware This Tax Filing Season

Read up on the main changes to the Tax Regime that you should be "Tax-Wise" about this filing season. Then click the button below to read more in our Tax Facts & Calculations booklet.

When Filing, Make Sure You Have All Required Documents ✎...✔

Don't forget to make sure you have all the documents to attach to returns when making certain claims for allowances and deductions.
Read the checklist, then go to our Filing Time page for more info...


Whatever is more convenient for you in filing your tax returns, the IRD has got you covered. Read the flyer on the 3 ways you can file your tax returns, then visit our Filing Time page for the resources and information on each filing option.

With these 3 options, you can avoid the fine by filing on time!