individualtaxpayer page 


 registration   REGISTRATION Find out what you will need and how to get registered with the Department.
 employees contractors   EMPLOYEES & CONTRACTORS Follow the link to get your tax information.
 selfemployed   SELF-EMPLOYED Go to the link for some important information you should know as a self-employed individual
 income deductions   INCOME & DEDUCTIONS All employees should know about the deductions available to them whenever they earn income and how to reflect these deductions in their tax codes.
refunds   REFUNDS, ASSESSMENTS & AMENDMENTS Get the basic information on the process of obtaining your refund, the assessments of your tax returns and any amendments that can be made.
returns   RETURNS Everything you need to know about filling out your tax returns
taxpayerrights   YOUR RIGHTS AS A TAXPAYER Know your rights as a taxpayer and how to exercise them!
paying   PAYMENTS Find out what you need to know about the payment of taxes due.

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