What Happens During An Audit & Assurance Visit

As officers strive to achieve the objectives of the assurance visits, each officer will be required to conduct an interview with the aid of a questionnaire to:

  • Verify taxpayer’s registration information
  • Establish an understanding of the taxpayer’s operation
  • Ascertain an understanding of the taxpayer’s accounting system
  • Verify that the accounting system is calculating VAT correctly for all types of goods or services
  • Formulate an assessment of your audit risk to determine the level of testing required to verify your tax Return and
  • Assess non-business transactions and its impact upon your tax return
Officers will also use their Analytical Skills to:
  • Check banking records
  • Compare VAT Returns submitted by the registered taxpayer with the records kept by the registered taxpayer
  • Confirm purchases and sales records and
  • Review input tax deductions for appropriate supporting documentation
Discussing Issues

During the assurance visit, the tax officer will discuss identifiable issues with you. At any time, you may raise your concerns with the officer and seek clarification.